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EnOcean NFC Configurator

NFC Configurator is a PC application enabling to write / read all accessible parameters specified for the product.
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EnOcean NFC Configurator

The EnOcean NFC Configurator tool is a Windows application allowing OEM partners and system integrators to configure and commission EnOcean GmbH products. The tool exposes all configuration options supported through device NFC including, device reporting configurations, security settings, test and reset functions, etc. Configured parameters can be stored for backup, making it easy to apply the same settings to multiple devices. The tool also supports connecting with IoT Connector for easy commissioning and device management.

The NFC Configurator App for iOS and Android for Installers is available here.

System Requirements:
  • Windows 10 (Update 1909)
  • .NET Core
  • At least: CPU 1.5GHz,  2 GB RAM, 200 MB Disc Space
  • Screen resolution at least 1680×1050 , higher recommended
  • Designed to work with Elatec TWN4 Series USB NFC Reader including CDC Firmware – Elatec special order number : T4BT-FB2BEL2-SIMPL. Please note that this is a third party tool. Contact Elatec sales ( directly for purchase.
License Agreement:

EnOcean NFC Configurator is a development tool. It may only be used to configure products purchased from EnOcean via authorized sales channels.

Latest Version:

V 2.1.18, Jan 31,2024