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U60 FT and TP-1250 DIN USB Network Interfaces

USB interfaces for LON FT and TP-1250 networks for any edge server, gateway, controller, or device, including SmartServer IoT
U60 FT and TP-1250 DIN USB Network Interfaces

The U60 network interface expansion modules enable a controller computer or router, to communicate with LON networks via USB. The compact devices are housed in DIN 43880 2TE compliant enclosures.

The U60 TP-1250 model is an interface to LON/IP TP-1250 and LON TP-1250. The U60 FT model is an interface to LON/IP-FT and LON-FT. Both are compatible with OpenLDV 5 and with hosts implementing the LON/IP stack which provides source code for LON/IP and LON compatible protocol stacks.

The interfaces facilitate communication to everyday devices like pumps, motors, valves, sensors, actuators and lights for process control, building automation, energy management, transportation systems control and telecommunications equipment management.

Tx and Rx LEDs provide an indication of LON packet transmission and reception. An on-board Status or Service LED (see specifications) provides a visual indication of device status; status is also communicated to the host via the USB interface enabling the host controller to monitor Status (TP-1250 model) or provide a network Service indicator (FT model).

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U60 FT and TP-1250 DIN USB Network Interfaces
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  • Compatible with IzoT™ Net Server, OpenLNS™ Server, LNS™ Server and OpenLDV applications
  • Works with IzoT Net and LNS compatible applications such as the IzoT Commissioning Tool and LonMaker Integration Tool
  • Compatible with SmartServer IoT
  • Powered by 5V USB input
  • Source code available as download for a Linux-compatible driver

Hardware and electrical specifications

  • Neuron 6050 processor (TP-1250 model)
  • FT 6050 Smart Transceiver (FT model)
  • LON connector: 1 two-way push clip
  • USB Micro-B 2.0, compatible with USB 1.1 and high-speed USB systems, peripherals and cables
  • USB cable with Micro-B USB to Type A USB connectors included
  • Indicators
    • LON Tx/Rx LEDs
    • Status LED (TP-1250 model)
    • Service LED (FT model)
  • Connect button: TP-1250 model
  • Input Voltage: 5VDC USB power
  • Input Current: 110mA maximum USB power
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +70°C
  • Humidity: 10% to 90% RH @ 50°C
  • Form factor: DIN 43880 2TE

Software platform

  • Interface (TP-1250 model): LON/IP TP-1250 and LON TP-1250 (TP/XF-1250) with a Layer 2 or Layer 5 interface
  • Interface (FT model): LON/IP-FT and LON-FT (TP/FT-10) with a Layer 2 or Layer 5 interface
  • Drivers (free downloads)
    • Linux source code for a U60 network driver
    • OpenLDV 5, or newer, driver for Windows (FT model only)

Safety and compliance

  • FCC Part 15 Class A compliant; EN55022 Class A and EN55024 compliant; CISPR 24 Class A compliant
  • MET 60950, TUV EN 60950, CE, C-Tick
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