Smart Building | February 14, 2024

Revolutionary Smart Building solution: Energy harvesting motion and activity sensor

EnOcean is set to transform smart building technology with the introduction of its cutting-edge EMDC motion and activity sensor family. This innovative solution enables seamless monitoring of room occupancy, light levels, and people’s activities through a single self-powered sensor. Experience this breakthrough in smart building innovation at the EnOcean booth during Light & Building 2024 in Frankfurt (hall 9.0, booth D10).

Key Features of the EMDC Motion and Activity Sensor

  • Comprehensive Room Monitoring:
    The EnOcean EMDC sensor revolutionizes space optimization by providing consolidated information on room occupancy, light levels, and people activity from a single device. This integration simplifies smart building solution deployment, offering a holistic approach to space management.
  • Intelligent Lighting Control:
    By detecting room occupancy and light intensity, the sensor enables automatic lighting control. The sensor triggers lights when someone enters with insufficient ambient light and turns them off when the space is vacant, promoting energy savings and compliance with building codes such as US Title 24.
  • Efficient Space Utilization:
    The data collected by the sensor enables efficient tracking and optimization of the occupancy of work and meeting rooms. This makes it easier to find available rooms and enables schedule services like cleaning based on actual utilization rather than static schedules, based on real-time usage data.
  • Advanced Activity Sensing:
    The latest update quantifies detected detected motion events, providing deeper insights into activity levels in different areas of the building. This feature enables a nuanced understanding of space usage dynamics in smart buildings.
  • Energy-Harvesting for sustainability:
    True to the EnOcean commitment to sustainability, the latest generation of the EMDC sensor also works completely autonomously thanks to energy harvesting. This batteryless and wireless solution ensures maintenance-free operation while contributing to the overall efficiency, sustainability and comfort of smart buildings.

Ambient IoT: The Future of Smart Buildings

The new energy harvesting motion and activity sensor from the EMDC family is revolutionizing smart building technology. By offering a streamlined solution for monitoring room occupancy, light levels, and people activity, it integrates seamlessly into intelligent building management systems. This positions the EMDC sensor as a game-changer in the pursuit of sustainable and efficient smart building solutions.

EnOcean, as a pioneer in ambient IoT and energy harvesting, is driving innovations that pave the way to a smarter, more comfortable and energy-efficient future.