TCM 330

Transceiver Module for programmable LED Controllers

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TCM 330
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Wireless Transceiver Module
868 MHz EnOcean
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TCM 330 is a transceiver module for LED modules and drivers with firmware dedicated to LED controller applications. The firmware supports daylight harvesting scenarios, occupancy control and manual dimming with input from self-powered wireless switches and sensors. It implements load shedding initiated by separate demand response controllers.

For energy harvesting wireless products please use our STM and PTM product families.


Product Name
Short description
EnOcean LinkLinux based middleware for the EnOcean radio stack. Library to interpret all EnOcean Protocols (e.g. ESP3, EEP, Message Chaining, Remote Commissioning, Remote Management & Security) providing easy entry into EnOcean interoperable eco-systems for your applicationDetails
Gateway ControllerTransparent gateway to receive and transmit all EnOcean Telegrams on 868, 315 and 902 MHz. Includes Smart Acknowledge and Remote Management.Details
Decoding Gateway ControllerTCM 300 compatible firmware for decoding of EnOcean telegram with rolling code. Details