PTM 202

Toggle switch transmitter module

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Product Name
PTM 202
Module Category
Wireless Switch & Sensor Module
868 MHz EnOcean
Ordering Code
Packaging Unit
Tray (100 pcs)

The toggle switch transmitter module PTM 202 enables the setup of intuitive and easy to use self-powered switches. PTM 202 module is powered by an electro-dynamic generator and therefore maintenance-free. It can be combined with existing PTM 210 switch designs (55 mm standard insert).

PTM 202 is designed to enable wireless switches with focus on retrofit and smart buildings. Products based on PTM 202 can also be used in hermetically sealed systems or in remote (not easily accessible) locations. The module is designed for single rocker applications.

Watch the video to find out more about the PTM 202 module.

EnOcean Software and Firmware

Product Name
Short description
EnOcean ToolMobile phone app for configuration and commissioning of EnOcean NFC devices for installers Details
EnOcean NFC ConfiguratorNFC Configurator is a PC application enabling to write / read all accessible parameters specified for the product. Details
EnOcean LinkLinux based middleware for the EnOcean radio stack. Library to interpret all EnOcean Protocols (e.g. ESP3, EEP, Message Chaining, Remote Commissioning, Remote Management & Security) providing easy entry into EnOcean interoperable eco-systems for your applicationDetails
Gateway ControllerTransparent gateway to receive and transmit all EnOcean Telegrams on 868, 315 and 902 MHz. Includes Smart Acknowledge and Remote Management.Details
Decoding Gateway ControllerTCM 300 compatible firmware for decoding of EnOcean telegram with rolling code. Details