At EnOcean, we have been using renewable energy for 20 years as power plants for our self-powered wireless sensors and switches. Thanks to energy harvesting, our solutions make batteries and wires redundant as they work entirely independent – with energy gained from movement, light or temperature. The ECO 200 kinetic converter is our windmill, while solar cells with energy stores ensure an uninterrupted supply of power from daylight. Our multisensor STM 550 helps to optimize CO2 emissions of buildings.

We achieve sustainability when we implement technologies that consume as few resources as possible and use them to make homes, buildings and installations more efficient. This means minimizing energy consumption by automatically lowering the temperature and turning the lights off when no one is in the room or completely rationalising the space when it isn’t needed. Digitization with self-powered sensors that supply necessary raw data makes all this possible. Less copper and PVC in the walls (without cables) and energy harvesting provide additional plus points where sustainability is concerned.