Raoul Wijgergangs (Chief Executive Officer)

The urge to craft and be part of a purpose-driven business, that aids in shaping a more sustainable future, is a deeply rooted motivational driver for me. That’s why for the last two decades I lead Z-Wave and Disruptive Technologies IoT businesses and am excited to now be at the helm of EnOcean, the IoT powerhouse with a wide array of IoT technology solutions, mostly powered by energy harvesting sources, eliminating the need for batteries.

The significance and magnitude of the problem that EnOcean addresses, such as, offices’ carbon emissions, the inefficient use of building spaces and poor indoor climate for employees, are just a few examples of the use cases that EnOcean products improve. EnOcean is impacting its market through the scale of its 400 companies strong eco-system, governed by the EnOcean Alliance. Industry collaboration and alliances have always been very dear to me and are THE way to impact markets in a bigger scale.

EnOcean’s deeply rooted culture of the courage to explore the new, invention and shaping IoT are culture coding elements that I have always felt strongly attracted to.

The fact that EnOcean was born from technology and grown into a leading IoT business fits as a hand-in-glove with my dual academic background in both computer science and business.

Dr. Peter Klein (Chief Financial Officer)

Dr. Peter Klein joined EnOcean as Chief Financial Officer in May 2020. With his credo “Connecting the dots is the most powerful skill you need in the future”, he has more than 15 years’ experience as CFO and General Counsel in Tech companies, leading projects around national and crossborder M&A transactions. His expertise ranges from managing KPI driven High Performance Teams to an extensive know-how in M&A and Corporate Development as well as a broad understanding of finance and legal concepts.

Before joining EnOcean Dr. Peter Klein was CFO at thinkstep AG where he led the company through a successful turnaround into a profitable exit. Dr. Peter Klein studied finance and law at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Koblenz and Kellogg School of Management in Chicago.

Frank Schmidt (Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder)

Frank Schmidt is a pioneer in energy harvesting and the visionary in management team of EnOcean. As Chief Technology Officer he is responsible for the overall technical orientation, patent related activities as well as the relationship management with educational, research and scientific organizations. Before joining EnOcean he was at the Central Research Department of Siemens AG where he created the self-powered wireless sensor technology as early as 1995. He has been granted more than 40 patents for his energy harvesting inventions and is the author of numerous technical publications in this field. Frank is a Physicist and studied at the Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany.

Markus Florian (Vice President Sales)

As Vice President Sales, Markus Florian heads the EnOcean sales team in the EMEA region and is responsible for revenue and business development in this region. Markus Florian has more than 25 years’ experience in sales of electronic components and modules for different areas such as building automation, entertainment electronics and industry applications. Before joining EnOcean, he has worked in different sales management positions at Energy Micro AS, Epson Europe Electronics GmbH and Advanced Micro Devices, where he has significantly expanded the existing business along with new markets and sales channels. Markus Florian has studied International Business Management in Vienna.

Matthias Kassner (Vice President Product Marketing)

Wireless connectivity has been my passion since building my first radio in primary school – and it still is today.

Before joining EnOcean in 2013, I worked for 12 years at Texas Instruments (TI) in different positions from SW developer and Wireless Field Application Engineer to EMEA Product Marketing Manager for TI’s Application Processor portfolio.

At EnOcean, I lead the product market team responsible for defining our energy harvesting solutions which deliver IoT sensor data that make our daily lives smarter, more comfortable and sustainable. EnOcean solutions truly work without wires – they generate the required energy from the environment and communicate using open radio standards. Our team works to continuously improve our portfolio and enable new, innovative applications for energy harvesting devices. It is precisely this mixture of innovative technology and sustainability that makes EnOcean so exciting for me.

We are only at the beginning of the IoT revolution and I’m certain that energy harvesting sensors will be a key ingredient.

Graham Martin (Vice President Strategic Alliance and Chairman EnOcean Alliance)

Creating a more sustainable world, aiming for carbon neutral continents and a safer and healthier environment has been my key passion over the past 20 years. For me, wireless solutions for the smart home, smart buildings and smart spaces play an integral part in reaching this goal. They help make our buildings, and hence our world, a better place not only for us but also for next generations.

After having graduated in Physics at Edinburgh University, Scotland, I have worked in various engineering and management positions across Europe and the USA since the 1980s, pioneering in new technologies such as NFC, GSM, Z-Wave, Zigbee and EnOcean. As working in partnerships is very important to me, I founded the EnOcean Alliance in 2008 to further develop and promote sustainable buildings around the globe. The EnOcean Alliance is a non-profit standardization organization which has created the international wireless standard for ultra-low power/energy harvesting-based solutions. I’m proud that we have grown to 400 member companies with 5000 different interoperable products and have already equipped over 1 million buildings with our devices. Today, this complete EnOcean eco-system enables interoperable IoT solutions for our smart homes, smart buildings and smart spaces which are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, safe and healthy.

Oliver Sczesny (President EnOcean Inc and Co-founder)

Oliver Sczesny, President of EnOcean Inc, is a co-inventor of the fundamental principles of energy harvesting wireless sensor technology and one of the co-founders of EnOcean. He is responsible for the management of the world wide application engineering team. Oliver Sczesny has specialized in high frequency technology with unique skills in layout, simulation and testing of high frequency circuits and antennas. He began his career with Siemens AG at the Corporate Research and Development Division in Munich, Germany. Oliver’s work covered several disciplines focusing on wireless sensor applications and wireless remote interrogation of passive sensors. His work has resulted in several patents being granted. He left Siemens as a Senior Engineer in 2001 to co-found EnOcean. Oliver graduated in electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany, in 1993.